Tomorrow Journal published that about 3500 members of ISIS are already inside Burma.

Occurred in Myanmar on June 16, 2015 at noon
Reported by Drew Boyd via Internet on June 16, 2015 at noon
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This report is Confirmed false and is of Low Priority. Here is why -
Tomorrow Journal, a local journal, published that about 3,500 members of IS/ISIS are already inside Burma. The journal published the information without any evidence, and it says that the information is based on “The Muslim World Press”. The news was published on 16th June 2015, volume 2, issue number 15 and page number 6. The journal says, ”About 3500 members of IS have already been established inside Burma, since 2013, to wage jihad against the Buddhists. According to the investigation, there is no entity called “The Muslim World Press”. In fact, the journal copied the information from an anti-Muslim website, and published it. The aim of the publication of such information raised a very serious ethical question against the journal, because the information could create a huge distrust between the communities where the situation is already very tense. In an interview with a Japanese media organization, Senior General Min Aung Hlaine said that there is no threat from IS/ISIS in Burma. 'Many Muslims are living in Burma. We cannot guarantee that the propaganda would not reach here as well. We also received the information. So far there is no danger or any threat that exists. However, we are always monitoring', said Senior General Min Aung Hlaine.
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