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Persistent claims of unaddressed injustices following the delay in releasing Lady Justice Grace Nzioka report on Tana River clashes in Kipao Feb. 3, 2015 Jan. 28, 2015
Kilelengwani and Ozi Chief's not reinstated Jan. 30, 2015 Jan. 29, 2015
An egg was collected in Ngao with Islamic wordings and symbol of the moon this instilled lots of fear to the residents Jan. 27, 2015 Jan. 26, 2015
Gunshots heard in Matomba area just along the river banks this never lasted for long Jan. 26, 2015 Jan. 9, 2015
Mpeketoni attacked yesterday night Jan. 26, 2015 Jan. 14, 2015
Former KDF officer currently MRC leader who also participated in previous clashes in Tana Delta has been arrested in Garsen Jan. 25, 2015 Jan. 18, 2015
Female teacher raped by two men in Kikomo primary school and one male teacher stabbed Jan. 24, 2015 Jan. 21, 2015
A man from garsen yesterday night was taken to a forest near Idsowe by Alshabab and was told to tell residents of Garsen that any time they will attack Jan. 19, 2015 Jan. 13, 2015
An attack occured in Mpeketoni yesterday. Jan. 15, 2015
KDF Officers attacked by Al shabab Militia Jan. 15, 2015 Jan. 15, 2015
Along Sera-Garsen route a car was hijacked and a lady who had just received cash from micro-finance plan lost her cash its believed to be a set-up Jan. 14, 2015 Jan. 8, 2015
After Maulidi prayers in Nduru Orma late night stones were thrown in Nduru Pokomo Jan. 14, 2015 Jan. 10, 2015
One Pokomo woman said 3/4 of Orma women will die soon this led to serious squabbles most people joined in and almost broke out into a fight Jan. 14, 2015 Jan. 9, 2015
One teacher from Ngao village was arrested by two police in two landrovers after ransacking his house to unknown destination the villagers are worried as so far they are not sure of the whereabouts of this teacher Jan. 8, 2015 Jan. 6, 2015
Unusual people spotted in Pandanguo Jan. 5, 2015 Jan. 5, 2015
Two people engaged in a physical fight and one was cut with a machete and rushed to the hospital by the villagers Jan. 4, 2015 Nov. 13, 2014
Anticipated attack in Ngao during the festive season by the Kipao people Jan. 4, 2015 Dec. 8, 2014
An Orma boda boda rider was attacked at Chamwanamuma by a group of people after dropping a Pokomo passenger. Luckily he escaped after the passenger saved his life. This is bringing tension in the area. Jan. 4, 2015 Dec. 9, 2014
There was a babel heard-the sound different from boat and normal aircraft in Tarassa Division and people are suspecting UnaHakika UAV has been deployed in areas of Kipao and Ngao Jan. 4, 2015 Dec. 30, 2014
A bus was attacked in Hindi area by unknown gunmen and several police officers were killed Jan. 4, 2015 Jan. 1, 2015
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